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Friday, November 18, 2005


Open Source Media

Thursday, May 19, 2005


Sharia Watch

Texas lawmakers OK bill to ban suggestive cheerleading
AUSTIN, Texas (AP) - After an alternately comic and fiery debate - punctuated by several lawmakers waving pompons - the state House on Tuesday approved a bill to restrict "overtly sexually suggestive" cheerleading to more ladylike performances.

The bill would give the state education commissioner authority to request that school districts review high school performances...

Thursday, May 12, 2005


Israeli Spy Scandal: Bloggers in the Dock?


"Here it's been close to a week since Israeli spy and former Pentagon analyst Larry Franklin was nabbed by the feds, and still not a peep out of the right-wing of the blogosphere. And these are the same people who want to set up their own news service? Well, I've got a catchy slogan for them: All the news that fits our agenda.

Oh sure, Michelle Malkin had a couple of posts up about it, as I noted earlier, but, aside from her, the silence is positively eerie. I mean, all the Usual Suspects haven't even bothered to denounce the arrest as based on a "sheer fabrication," as Powerline did when the story first broke. Odd. Or, maybe, not so odd, if Newsweek is right:

"It could easily turn into the new version of 'Leak-gate' - a confrontation between journalistic ethics and prosecutorial zeal. The U.S. Attorney's Office in Virginia last week charged Larry Franklin, one of the Pentagon's top Iran experts, with unauthorized disclosure of classified information relating to threats against U.S. forces in Iraq. Court documents omitted the names of the recipients of Franklin's alleged leaks, but prosecutors claimed that Franklin revealed 'top secret' info to two unauthorized people at a lunch in June 2003. Sources identified them as two senior officials of the pro-Israel lobbying group AIPAC, who were dismissed by the organization last month. Court documents allege that Franklin, who worked in the office of Defense Under Secretary Douglas Feith, also may have leaked secrets to a 'foreign official' - believed to be an Israeli - and to 'members of the media.'

"As a result, Newsweek has learned, journalists and bloggers may face questioning by FBI agents in the case. Though reporters are not "targets" of the investigation, they could get subpoenas if they refuse to cooperate."

Journalists -- and bloggers? Waaaaay cool! Finally, the puffed-up bloggers are receiving the notice -- and equal treatment -- that is their due!

Even cooler is the prospect of finding out which bloggers are going to be subpoenaed. Imagine Charles Johnson, the fanatically pro-Israel blogger who once gloated that the whole Franklin affair would "slip off the media radar as quickly as it appeared," sitting in the hot seat, refusing to give up his sources. Oh boy! Can I watch?

On second thought, it probably isn't Johnson who's aroused the interest of the feds. His "blog" consists mostly of cut-and-paste selections from previously published articles, interspersed with brief-but-hateful comments. No wonder Google won't carry his garbage.

No, it must be somebody more ... substantial. Someone who's been covering the Franklin affair -- or, more likely, someone who has been blogging about the alleged threat posed to American troops in Iraq by pro-Iranian groups, like the Dawa party and SCIRI. That, after all, was the subject of the top secret material Franklin was handing over to AIPAC, which acted as a conduit passing stolen secrets on to Israel.

Oh, this is going to be good. Here we have people who hate the ACLU, who denounce their political opponents as "traitors" and "fifth columnists," and lustily invoke "patriotism" (i.e. state worship) while wrapping themselves in the flag, suddenly in the dock for ... aiding and abetting espionage.

There is a God."

Sunday, May 08, 2005


Some confusion on the concept

I'm tired, tired, tired of this aggravating new meme the populist right has been pushing lately - that National Socialism was "socialism," thus a form of "leftism", similar (of course) to liberalism or the Democratic Party as embodied in "Hitlery."

LGF poster "Amy" struggles mightily to correct those Lizardoids laboring under this delusion (and they are legion):

#96 Amy 5/8/2005 03:51PM PDT
The Nazis pretended to be socialists (hence Hitler's rhetoric) in order to gain the support of the working class, but as the article I posted shows, in practice, the Nazis were not socialist at all. They preserved privately owned businesses, worked hand in glove with the most conservative elements of German society, suppressed union activity and purged real socialists from the Party.

I know that modern-day conservatives wish to brand the left-wing with the Nazi connection, but this is revisionism which ignores the facts.

Fascism and socialism are two different things.

Amy is rebutted tiressly by LGFers (unable, seemingly, to distinguish between rhetoric and action) who point out time and again that it was called National Socialism, not National Rightism or National Conservatism (Whether Saddam's Hussein's "Elite Republican Guard" were also members of the GOP is not, sadly, addressed).

LGFer "Iron Fist" (see also Martin Bormann post, below) reveals that he, like many there, is operating off of a different political spectrum than Amy - not the traditional Left-Right spectrum which is based on the French Parliamentary system but the libertarian inspired Nolan Chart:

#103 Iron Fist 5/8/2005 03:57PM PDT

Malleus Dei, hm,

Yeah, I can understand the Socialists wanting to disassociate themselves from the National Socialists, but WTF is up with trying to associate them with the Right? They weren't called the National Socialists because they were secretly libertarian Capitalists.

At the end of the day, they believed in the supremacy of the State, and that is a Left wing concept. The Right believes in the supremacy of the individual. That is, IMHO, the absolute most central difference between the two. All else springs from that.

Of course, the Libertarian Right in this country (e.g.,,, abjures that obnoxious brand of militaristic nationalism so popular w. the neo-con right nowadays, but that doesn't stop soi-disant "libertarians" like "Iron Fist" from braying for genocide and nuclear war - like Hitler with Socialism, Iron Fist is not actually interested in the core principles of Libertarianism but has instead discovered the usefulness of co-opting Libertarian rhetoric.

When I was a teenager once I asked my uncle what "postmodernism" meant. He explained it as a state in which the truth is up for grabs.

In many ways, the voices represented on LGF represent the face of the new postmodern Right in the US, possessing no core principles but the pursuit and celebration of political power - all else flows from that.

See also the LP positions on Presidential war powers, colonialism and foreign intervention.

Saturday, May 07, 2005


Pajamas & the New Media

Three Political Web Logs Make a Run for the Mainstream

"...three of the largest political blogs are banding together to form what is believed to be a first-of-its kind ad-supported network... The venture will be called Pajamas Media...

The LittleGreenFootballs blogger, Charles Johnson, said the challenge is to keep the freewheeling character of a popular blog - where opinions and criticism are given freely - while meeting high standards and aggressively pursuing stories.
There are caveats, however. The first is that blog advertising is unpopular with a large segment of traditional advertisers, such as Proctor & Gamble, who are uncomfortable with the potential of their products' being sold near potentially controversial copy."

British Muslim Poll (Reopened)

"[Unpatriotic Muslims are] the unfortunate, but inevitable, result of multiculturalism now biting us in the ass. If you refuse to assimilate into civil society and stick your heads up your ass and deny obvious facts, we owe it to ourselves to get these scumbags the fuck out of the country. And take your muftis with you, so we'll have fewer asshole jihadis left to agitate & do the agitating, fuckin' subhuman, savage, degenerate, filthy, goat humping cocksuckers."

#17 Raj Against The Machine 12/6/2002 09:55AM PST

Thursday, May 05, 2005


Protest Warriors are on the march!



Please check the left hand navbar for two exciting new slideshows examining the black & white worldview of LGF favorite cartoonists "Cox & Forkum" and another look at the general asshattery of LGF & Protest warriors.

Expect the LGF webmaster to start claiming that these aren't real C&F cartoons but fakes that were planted on his site by trolls.

Wednesday, May 04, 2005


The Media are the Enemy

As fascists throughout history have never tired of pointing out, the Media are the Enemy.

Self-image as fist

(L) Cox & Forkum cartoon urging retribution against Iraqi insurgents in Fallujah
(R) Axis propaganda Poster, Germany, 1942

The Early Bird Gets the Worms

(L) Anti-Semitic cartoon from Der Sturmer
(R) Anti-Pacifist Cartoon from

"C&F are geniuses. What a perfect metaphor, protesters as worms. ... Who needs
war when the worms can eat the apples of America all by themselves?"

NOTE: The theme of "decay from within" by malign and parasitic forces (e.g., religious and ethnic minorities, civil libertarians etc.) is a common theme in fascist literature.

Do Warriors Need A Code?
Don't Get Skunked!
Journalism & Propaganda


14 Characteristics
f-scale test
Pseudo Fascism
Red-State Fascism

lizard psychology

In Praise of Lizard Brains
The Lizard Brain
The Reptilian Brain
Lizard Brains & Business

food for thought

"The racial bigot identifies another race as being less than he or even as worthless sub-human flesh. So it is clear that the bigot is not "one of them." Racial and ethnic bigots find support and common cause with one another. They feed each other's need to feel superior to another racial or ethnic group. This is of course fear-based behavior that flows from their own sense of powerlessness over their own lives."