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Tuesday, May 03, 2005


Caricatures of the Untermensch

"When Hitler took power in 1933, Der Stuermer was already one of the most popular Nazi publications, selling about twenty-five thousand copies weekly. By then its anti-Semitic campaign was in full swing... With the slogan "Die Juden sind unser Ungluck" ("The Jews are our misfortune"), the weekly reached a circulation of about half a million copies by 1938...

The style of the paper was crude, aggressive, and easily comprehensible; the articles were composed of simple, clear sentences, blunt and repetitive. The most striking element was the anti-Semitic cartoons, which became the paper's highlight after the work of Philipp Rupprecht ("Fips") first appeared on the front page on December 19, 1925. "Fips," a master caricaturist, sought to make the subjects of his cartoons contemptible through ridicule. His drawings were vivid and revolting. The essential characters in "Fips" caricatures showed the Jews with ugly faces with huge hooked noses, bulging eyes, large ears, swollen lips, and unshaven beards; long hairy arms and hands; and short crooked legs. They were also portrayed as sexually perverted."

"After seeing months and months or photos of these almost-human bottom-feeders I have to wonder out loud "how in Christ's name is it possible for one race (i.e., Arabs) to be so hideously ugly?!"

...They have got to be THE single most unattractive group of beings to ever disgrace the planet Earth. What's in their genes that makes them so terribly, grossly ugly?...

And speaking of Middle Eastern chicks, have you ever seen ONE truly attractive Arab woman? And let's not count the recent spate of Lebanese hotties that've been popping up on this and other 'net sites lately. There's a lot of European blood in Lebanon, which explains the light hair and eyes of many. But as for the rest, puke-city! I truly believe that they're cursed by God, and with good, no...great, reason." weblog/?entry=15473_Palestinian_Child_Abuse
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