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Wednesday, May 04, 2005


The Early Bird Gets the Worms

(L) Anti-Semitic cartoon from Der Sturmer
(R) Anti-Pacifist Cartoon from

"C&F are geniuses. What a perfect metaphor, protesters as worms. ... Who needs
war when the worms can eat the apples of America all by themselves?"

NOTE: The theme of "decay from within" by malign and parasitic forces (e.g., religious and ethnic minorities, civil libertarians etc.) is a common theme in fascist literature.


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"The racial bigot identifies another race as being less than he or even as worthless sub-human flesh. So it is clear that the bigot is not "one of them." Racial and ethnic bigots find support and common cause with one another. They feed each other's need to feel superior to another racial or ethnic group. This is of course fear-based behavior that flows from their own sense of powerlessness over their own lives."